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Raven Horne, DVM
Raven Horne, DVM

Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Raven Horne is a dedicated veterinarian whose enduring love for animals has guided her into a rewarding career in veterinary medicine. She completed her undergraduate studies, earning a degree in Animal Science from North Carolina A&T University. Subsequently, Dr. Horne pursued her passion for veterinary care at Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine, where she successfully obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

As a seasoned veterinarian, she finds immense fulfillment in delivering exceptional medical care to pets while building strong relationships with their owners. Outside of treating pets, In her leisure moments, Dr. Horne relishes the companionship of her dog, Jaxson, and her trio of cats—Rosie, Jilly, and Lilly. When not attending to the needs of animals, her passion for exploration takes her globetrotting, where she delights in savoring diverse cuisines from around the world.

Dedicated to upholding the highest standards of care, Dr. Horne is committed to fostering a sense of trust within her community. She looks forward to the opportunity to meet you and provide the compassionate care that every dog and cat deserves!